Friday, January 13, 2017

Changing The Pace!

Below I will be including a podcast!
 *intense music*

  But, why? 

  Simply, I have a lot of things to say. As I have continued to read and write about the world of video games, something has become increasingly clear, to me; we are not doing something right. I bold that because it is the foundation that my change is based upon. Esports are up and coming, leading to an era where gamers may be seen as athletes, using their minds to outwit, instead of their bodies alone. Why, then, are video games and gamers seen in a negative light? Why do the ones of us who are loud, belligerent and care about little other than games, have the most spotlight? In my mind, we need to change and prepare before changes whisks us off to new places.

  What change? We need to recognize the best. We need to kindle the up-and-coming. We need coverage that is as intelligent and cunning as we know we can be. I am, by no means, saying that I have or know who or what this is, but I hope that I, in searching some people or peoples to lead, can help others to not simply follow the trend. Basement-dwelling is not something we, as an industry do, so, why then is it tied to us? Simply, I believe it is because we do not fight to throw that concept.

   So, below I include my first shot at looking at the upcoming change and, hopefully, voicing the change the industry needs to see.


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