Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Saints Row; Gat out of Hell

Pointlessly Pleasing.

   There is no point to Saints Row, Gat out of Hell. There was never a moment in the game where I felt as though my actions were progressing, changing or in any way altering any part of the game. The fun, that to be had, was over at the same moment the game was, for better or for worse.

  The game is a series of 'quests' to grow in 'power' so the hero can take on Satan and win freedom for fellow crewmates. The problem, however, is that each of the quests feels completely like the previous. Different historic figures have ended up in hell, and, as the player, you must gain their favor in order to disrupt  Hell enough for Satan to notice. But, each of the party leaders have quests that are often exactly the same as the other's. They do not, in any way, tie to the character who you are striving for the favor of, which leaves the game feeling as though you are meeting somewhat interesting characters, only to be a boring errand boy.

  In reviewing this game, I feel as though I should leave the review shorter than usual. I prefer shorter reviews, but this game simply does not have enough substance to make for a full-fledged review. The game is easy to beat, amazingly so. Doing just the main missions I was able to purchase enough powers and upgrades that Satan's boss fight was a series of freezing him and shooting when he was immobilized. After finishing the fight, I had 0 intention of going back into the game world, as further upgrades simply would have made my character far too powerful to even be remotely close to the realm of challenging and fun. This game recognizes that players enjoy the sweet taste of success, but instead of moderately giving slices of candy, this game drags a player through the entire Willy Wonka chocolate factory at an alarmingly fast speed.

  The positive, however, is the game world itself. Hell is a blast to explore in flight. Coop was tested, and it worked exceptionally well on multiple occasions in typical Saints' fashion. If there is anything that other large open-world games could learn from this series, it is making a game fun for multiple people, at once.

 Other things of note include the addition of drivable cars which seems odd, this is mostly notable because of missions where you have to drive and deliver a car to a location. This breaks the excellent flight and fight combination the game rides exceptionally well. Combat can be tricky before weapons are upgraded, but this feeling of needing to upgrade disappears when the player figures out how to acquire new powers, making most enemies a simple repetition of dodge-superpower-shoot-repeat until they die. 

   In the end, Hell is easy and fast to Gat out of. If you loved Saints 4 and wanted more, this may be up your alley. However, if you enjoyed the first three Saints' in the series, this short, 3-5 hour game may be better to Gat away from.


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