Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reviewing the Ratings

Changing the Game

  This should (hopefully) be a short post about the changes I want to make when it comes to how I, personally, review games. I will be doing away with a number-based system and aim for a more industry-formed way of looking at games and the art that I truly believe they are and can continue to be.

  In popular game sites such as IGN and Gamespot, both of which I am a huge fan, a number system is in place for helping readers pick up and decide what games are worth playing and what games may not be up to par. As with any art or medium, this is important. Helping people be able to shift through the steady flow of games that is released annually is a service that is helpful as well as time saving. However, the number system is something I shy away from, personally. I appreciate Gamespot and their belief that a 10 means a game is a very important piece of gaming. A 10, to them, does not represent a perfect game, but rather, a game that should be in one's gaming collection, if at all possible. Using this way of thinking, as well as my personal conversations with fellow gamers and gamers-to-be, I formed my own system.

  • IMPORTANT: These are games that shape the industry. These are games that changed the game. An important game is not flawless and a great game is not always important. However, in an important game we see ways of thinking and different things that may and probably should carry into the future of gaming. Examples include Minecraft, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid V; The Phantom Pain, Titanfall, Dishonored, Super Mario World, Super Smash Bros. Assassins Creed 2, Pokemon GO! and more.
  • GREAT : This game is not less than the first, but simply, is great within the industry, without changing the shape of the industry. A game here may include; Donkey Kong Country 3, Battleblock Theatre, Borderlands 2, Halo 3, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Far cry 3, Diablo 3, Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 3, and more.
  • RESPECTABLE: This is the center of the scale. A game here may not do everything well, it also may have parts that were great or truly awful, but, overall, the game was not great, however, it is still very playable. Games here include; Saints Row 4, Hand of Fate, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Lego Starwars 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Fable 3, Charlie Murder and more.
  • FINE: While RESPECTABLE has a better collection of good parts, FINE games tend to fall on the other side. These are games that are a little rougher to play or lack aspects that make them feel like incomplete packages or rushed products. Examples include; Fight Night Champion, Dungeon Defenders, Shoot Many Robots, Army of Two, Dead Island, Sniper Ghost Warrior, and more.
  • POOR: By far, the most uncomfortable category. As a reviewer and game lover, I try my very best to believe that games will not fall into this category. Games are art, and, by extension, pointing out the flaws in someone else's art is not only hard and painful, it is a complicated matter as of the 'why' when something does not work well within the context of a game. That being said, games in this category include; Assassin's Creed 3, Kinect Star Wars, Ninja Gaiden 3, Too Human, Ryse; Son of Rome, and more. This category, hopefully, will continue to be the least used, going forward.
  This is the new system which I shall be using to review games. I cannot speak to the degree of what the audience likes or what the developers or sales teams intend to deliver. I simply will continue to play games and give my thoughts. I have spent thousands of hours playing games and exploring the wondrous lands that have been created ( including the ones I've built myself, thanks Minecraft and Terreria) I intend to spark a conversation and give recommendation based on that, that is all.
- Mattaghetti, Chief Editor.

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