Thursday, September 11, 2014

Destiny (Xbox 360) Review

 Here we go...
  First, let me say that I was worried to relesase an offical review for Destiny. As the dream child of Activision and Bungie, this game felt too big for me to look at, almost as though I was studying ancient Greek and deciding one of the god's greatness. However, upon playing Destiny, my opinons changed. That being said, onward into the critical part...
  Destiny is a beautiful game. Destiny may be one of the best looking, easiest to navigate games in recent memory. During my many hours in Skyrim I would accidentally open the wrong menu countless times, in Destiny I never have this problem, its as though controllers were built to use Destiny. The game is smooth, polished to a T and runs fast and peasefully. A feeling of isolation and lonliness captivates the player from the moment they are brought back to life. However, the "why" you were brought back to life begins to get lost in a game full of smoke and mirrors as Destiny's story quickly looses its footing.        The idea that a huge world should be filled with a mass of lore seems reasonable, however, Bungie and Activision have decided that the world remains mostly lore-free, opting that people should visit their website rather than be handed the lore in the actual game. Personally, I can understand the thinking; "If we make sure we don't overstuff the world with lore, we can keep the more casual players while the ones interested will visit the site" problems arise when you lose interest due to lack of history, there is no feeling of relevance. Star wars handed us Jedi right off the bat, Skyrim Dragon-Born, Harry Potter gave us wizards but Destiny wakes us up from death, then sends us to fetch and shoot... And fetch... And then we fetch and shoot some more. Repeat.
  Focusing on the quests, I foudn them to be Destiny's biggest shortcoming. The varity and unpredictibility was lacking almost completely. I would have a blast (no pun intended) getting into a shootout with friends during a quest, but then three quests later would be in the middle of another shoot out against slightly higher level enimes, leaving myself wondering "This? Again?" But, as I said, the game runs wonderfully so shooting and stabbing is a breeze, although a bit too easy. In Skyrim (There are a lot of games I can compare Destiny to, we'll cover that in a minute) I often found myself playing more quests because each time I finished a quest I thought "I want to play another one like that, another crazy ending, another weird twist" in Destiny I played more because I didn't want more of the same. I wanted to move past fetching and find the game that had been built up for over a year now.
PvP is fun, although almost a reskinned version of Halo, it still plays beautifully and keeps the player involved. Honestly, I was never a huge fan of Halo. Closing distance to kill and the inability to use iron sights was something I never took a liking, that being said, Destiny allows the sights but keeps the quick, double jumping, bullet-flying, action, this was a PvP system I was very much onboard with. Getting comfortable with my guns ingame flowed perfectly to PvP.
  At the end, there isn't a lot wrong with Destiny. Everything it does, with the exception of the story/lore, it does fantastically. Who are the Fallen? We don't know. What is the Traveler? There is little explanation. Why was my Gurdian chosen to bring back to life? Who cares, the game shoots well. The quest for loot with other players in Destiny is a blast, but with the hype that the game stood on, this reviewer and video game enthusiast was hoping for something legendary.
Score 7 out of 10.
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