Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Settle Review (Album) (Disclosure)

A Fortunate Bath.
Disclosure honestly was not a group that I had much association with. I found them based on a free song I was given and that a friend and I took as a joke due to how catchy it was. Although it was a joke I secretly enjoyed the song (When a Fire Starts to Burn) and would listen to it when I was on my own. This song led me to the group, the album and eventually to not understanding why this album has the problems it does.
Don't misunderstand me; this album is strong when it does its job. The songs Latch and F For You are both easily memorable. Add When a Fire Starts to Burn to that list and you have an album that walks the thin line between simple beats, catchy lyrics and a simply brilliant mix of them. However, when Disclosure steps off of the line the mixture looses its excellence. The later half of the album seems to lose the spunk of the start, almost as though the later songs were intended to float to another album but inspiration ram dry.
While the negative influence from later on may seem like a lot, I am talking it up more than I'm talking up the good to be found; the songs that are good are great. Latch holds the ambient sounds that resemble the most brilliant moments of video games of the 90's such as Donkey Kong. While that may be an odd comparison it is a terrific backdrop that the song builds on.
Complexity bathed in simplicity is something that few electronic groups make sound so sweetly as Disclosure does here. While the simplicity does often flow through, the blend still shines brightly when it is found.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

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