Saturday, April 19, 2014

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Review (TU 15)

Hours, blocks and a few mistakes.

  It was easy, we quickly gathered wood, moved through the terrain until we found a place we wanted to build a house, turned the wood into planks, the wood into tools, the tools were used to gather stone and then that stone was turned into a mansion, a castle, an underground series of tunnels and a series of other creations. Its a story as old as Minecraft itself; blocks, devotion, imagination, dedication and innovation until imagination is painted throughout the entire world. After TU 15 (Title Update 15) on the Xbox Minecraft still holds its charm and draw but now offers more of all of the things that PC players have access to. With trading and villagers now in the game its not just about the player any more. However, with the good updates came the bad, blocks are strange when you try to mine them, flashing as though they are trying to leave but unable. All in all the changes are a refreshing change to the game, making it so you and up to 7 others have more to do and more blocks to play with.

Score 8 out of 10

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