Sunday, March 23, 2014

Recess Album Review (Skrillex)

A Step in no direction.
While listening to the album the first time through excitement was high, the idea that Skrillex was back with another album to change how I thought of bass drops and sound mixing was exciting to say the least. I've listened to Scary Monsters and Bangarang numerous times, enjoying both albums for the blending of sounds while keeping dance alive, however, in Recess, Skrillex's newest musical offering, I found enjoyment harder to find. Let me be clear, this is a good album. Recess is exceptional, F**k that and Stranger are both amazing. That being said, the album doesn't change how I think of Dubstep, Brostep or even Skrillex, it just adds to reasons why I like his music. Aside for the mentioned songs the rest of the album feels almost pointless, coming closer to a "Skrillex's best unused mixes" rather than an album which is disappointing, with some work these all have incredible potential.
In the end I enjoy this album, although it did not captivate me like Scary Monsters, its good to see Skrillex making fresh pieces while still staying true to his sound.

Score: 7 out of 10.

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